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Gon aka Soul. Valparaíso, Chile. 26. Scorpio. Homestuck, Comics, Games, Movies, Music, Tattoos, Memes and More.
Web & Android Dev @ Elun and Ex-Caster StarCraft 2. Now LoL player and hobbie writter. Deftones, NIN, Depeche Mode and Oceansize.
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Apocalipsis al horizonte


I have an alternate reality playing in my head where Bendis enlisted Travis Charest to draw an issue of Uncanny X-Men when Marvel NOW first started, and he is only 16 months away from finishing it, now.


i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs


Steampunk HG Wells Tesla Pistol by Nerfenstein


July 20, 1969: One Giant Leap For Mankind

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin descending the ladder and stepping onto the Moon.  Neil Armstrong's “one small step” onto the lunar surface was actually a 3-foot jump down off the lunar module’s ladder to the ground.

Credit: NASA


Artist on Tumblr

Lisa Adams | on Tumblr (Australia)

Lisa Adams creates images that are often unsettling, sometimes melancholy or by turns uplifting, but always affecting and richly atmospheric. The scale on which she works affords her involved and tightly realised paintings an intimacy that echoes the personal nature of her subject matter. Indeed, she explores grand emotions on a humble scale so that the very act of looking at her paintings is a revelatory and ultimately rewarding experience. Adam’s emblematic paintings hold the promise of divested secrets and play with constructions of language through the incorporation of witty titles. (src. QUT Art Museum Public Programs by Alison Kubler, Curator)

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Lisa Adams | artist found at actegratuit]


"Of all things, I liked books best."
- Nikola Tesla


Y sentía tu alma pulcra y triste
como sientes la luna que se desliza calladamente
     detrás de los visillos corridos.
Y sentía tu alma pobre y encogida,
como un mendigo, con la mano tendida delante de la puerta,
     sin atreverse a llamar y entrar,
y sentía tu alma frágil y humilde
como una lágrima vacilando en el borde de los párpados,
y sentía tu alma ceñida y húmeda por el dolor
como un pañuelo en la mano en el cual gotean lágrimas,
y hoy, cuando mi alma quiere perderse en la noche,
solamente tu recuerdo lo detiene
con invisibles dedos de fantasma

Poema de Tristan Tzara.


Fantasy Time VII - Adventure Children by Mike Vasquez & Joe Hogan

"Part of what is wonderful about acting is new experiences, but it doesn’t leave much room for anything else in your life. My ideal downtime is any downtime! but when I do get a chance to stop for a minute, I spend it with family and friends. Being with the people I love is the best way to be me.”